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Last of 2022 with a dash of first of 2023

Nuus / News

​Karorado Casper and Impendulo True Blue did us proud with their performance at the WECTRA Leg of DRASA Nationals 2022.

All our horses passed Keurings and we are proud to say that Karorado Cartier, Karorado Embuia, and Karorado Cody all passed stallion inspections as well. We will only retain Karorado Embuia for stud duties to replace Karorado Everard as our Junior Stallion.

Karorado Everard will be gelded and backed and will become for sale as riding horse in 2023. This boy is going to make someone very happy as he is everything you would want in an equine partner.

2022 gave us the birth of Karorado Tsaar (Etycha Miela x Kleinbaas(Basotho)), Karorado Danicka ( Karorado Donatella x Karorado Everard), Bellatrix (Amira x Il Sisley) and Karorado Eletrico (KWB Emse x Il Sisley)

We have a few stunning foals on the way early 2023:

Karorado Querida x Karorado Everard (25% Andalusian): Karorado Suzie Q

Karorado Estrella x Karorado Everard (25% Andalusian): Karorado Eryx

Lusitano mare x Karorado Everard: Karorado Eletrico

Karorado Ariana x Karorado Cody (25% Basotho): Karorado Sultan of Swing

Keep an eye out for the 2023 Catalogue for horses available for sale. Photgraphed by Corne Visser.

God Bless.

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