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March -December 2019

Man plans and God laughs... Pretty much how this year went. Apart from losing our junior stallion to a freak accident, there had been another setback when the frozen semen we used were compromised by the courier company. A lot of money down the drain and no pregnancies to show for it.

Well we do have two mares that are

in foal to our senior resident stallion and our Basuto stallion. They will foal down somewhere in January 2020. Hold thumbs for some nice foals.

Well we had a highlight with the WC Showing champs in September. We took Karorado Casper (aka Spook) and KWB Maya for the in-hand classes. Hantam (aka Dwasdouw Welkom) and Breivilo L Pastel did the honours of  representing in the riding classes. Maya had the victory of note placing third in the General breed Mare In-hand class; kicking dust in the eyes of top warmbloods and a show arab. What a feeling when international judges see the quality of our breeding stock. Maya was also the Purebred and overall Nooitgedacht In-hand Champion, with Casper winning the part-bred Nooitie In-hand class.

And then we did the crazy thing of hiring the herd out to play the wild Mustangs in the remake of Black Beauty to be aired end 2020. This has been a unique experience and hopefully by doing an international production we might get some exposure for the Nooitgedacht breed too. Working with Film Equus and Cody Rawson-Harris was memorable. 

Last but definitely the most exciting is that Sanna, Maya, Pastel, Emse, Sambuca and True Blue were AI'd with Calvero Esclavo FM.  So hold thumbs they scan in foal toward the end of December

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