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Last of 2022 with a dash of first of 2023

We have something to celebrate! We have a decade anniversary coming up and to celebrate we will be hosting an extended multi-day DRASA Ride using our studfarm as the base. 

We are planning on hoisting the Nooitie flag and maybe getting someone to ride the whole ride with it to celebrate.

So if you want to join us to enjoy the beautifully green Swartland, but aren't affiliated, no problem you can still do the Leisure Division. 

We have a few spots for the far away people to leave their horses on the Wednesday (Woman's Day - 9 August) and then the second day will be on Saturday (12 August).

Trail (up to 40km) and Pleasure (up to 20km) Divisions will be offered. Toilets available but no showers. Camping, groundlevies included. Camps R100/Day with long term renters getting preference. We'll feed and water your horse for those days, you just need to leave enough food, bring containers and give proper written instructions.

Hope to see you there!

God Bless.

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