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Teelhingste / Stallions

Karorado Stoethings / Karorado Resident Stallion                  Dwasdouw Vlam           (NPH# 0012822235) 


Dwasdouw Vlam (DOB: 28/11/2010) is by Studvet Maximus out of Dwasdouw Tempie. Vlam's grandparents boast the who's who of Nooitgedacht horses with Pretman Tornado and Studvet Maxie on his sire's side and Ubi-cras Vlam and Gillroy Cotton Candy on his dam's side.


Vlam has a kind , sensitive disposition but true to his heritage; he is brave, inteligent and a fast learner. With him we hope to add and/or strenghten to our breedingprogramme the following characteristics: Inteligent, smaller head with big expressive eyes; Elegant neckset and -arch with good length; Strong limbs, good bone and overall strength of structure; Short back, uphill conformation and a powerfull hindquarter; hard and healthy hooves. Considering we have mares that are carriers of the cream gene we wanted a bay/black/chestnut stallion to avoid the production of double creams in future. Vlam has three excellent paces; groundcovering walk, floating trot and a naturally collected canter. We believe Vlam's addition will prove to create a Nooitgedacht that will be the ultimate riding horse for sport or pleasure.





















Vlam came to us as if he was sent. He was the last horse left of the Dwasdouw stud and we immediately jumped at the opportunity to have him as our future stud stallion.


Dwasdouw Vlam was backed November 2014 and is an exceptional quick learner with good work ethic. He is lively but calm, eager to please and already showing an aptitude for doing well in almost all disciplines. He should start his showing career toward the end of 2015 beginning of 2016.


Dwasdouw Vlam has covered two mares: Herneuter Erica and Pramkop Sonlig. Karorado Spitfire (out of Pramkop Sonlig) and Karorado Elite (out of Herneuter Erika) are both colts, born Desember 2015. He also sired the promising filly  Karorado Chiquita (2017), out of Breivilo L Pastel.


During his Stallion -Keuring, Dwasdouw Vlam achieved a score of 85,5% overall. We are proud to have this exceptional stallion as part of our breeding programme.


We would like to extend our thanks to Hennie Spangenberg for breeding such a true to type Nooitgedacht stallion and that we were able to acquire him. May his progeny do his ancestors proud and leave the breed in a state that was envisioned by its founding members.

Karorado Stoethings / Karorado Resident Stallion