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Anybody that knows me knows I have a very soft spot for we have come to refer to as the Sanna-line. Sanna is dam to Impendulo True Blue (aka Tubby), Karorado Casper (aka Spook), Karorado Estrella and Karorado Gitana.

Sanna is out of Colhihei Sarah by Herneuter Klinker. Sporting stallions in her pedigree like Kingsdale Kole, N Logan and Ubi-Cras Rubie. Colihei Sarah, her dam was out of Hessekwa Sankie which is out of Samjak P Salot. When breeding horses the damline is the indicative of the stamina and athletic ability of the horse. And our very own Breivilo Sanna has a dam-line second to none.

Sanna has also achieved Merit-status at Keurings. This means she scored in the top 10 percentile but her quality is reflected in her foals that never dissapoints.

Now lets be honest Sanna's progeny all are sensitive and very intelligent but they are all lapdogs that wants to please their human. Some are not novice rides but more due to them not being very forgiving when mishandled.

Spook and Tubby is now solidly in the running for Provincial team competing at Pleasure division in DRASA (competitive trailriding). They both show potential to do Trail and even Summit division but time will tell. With pulses and recovery pulses equal to endurance Arabians it is amazing to see how they get better the longer they go.

Spook, Tubby, Elite, Sambuca and Hantam were also in the Nooitgedachter's 70th aniversary Drill hosted by Horse Expo at Europa Equestrian Centre 27 Feb 2022. With very little practise time, they showed their steel and we feel privilaged to have been ambasadors of the breed.

As for the rest of the year we still have a few DRASA qualifiers to ride as well as National Championships in August.

We have a few stunning foals on the way:

1. Amira (non Nooitgedacht) x Il Sisley (Lusitano)

2. KWB Emse x Il Sisley

3. Breivilo Lelie x Karorado Everard

4. Karorado Querida x Karorado Everard

5. Karorado Donatella x Karorado Everard

6. Karorado Estrella x Karorado Everard

7. Lusitano mare x Karorado Everard

8. Etycha Miela x Kleinbaas (Basuto)

Vlam's stud duties were to some Sandkraal Nooitgedachter Mares and we plan on using him on our top tested mares 2022/2023 breeding season.

We look forward to having Keurings in Oktober this year and anybody interested in becoming Junior Inspectors must please let us know.

Lastly, we have very few horses, only Sandkraal Roes and Karorado Admiraal, of riding age left to sell. If you are interested in our horses please rather book one earlier than later. The moment they are backed and going they sell like hot cakes. We do do livery at a reduced rate for horses born and bred here. We do do payment plans. And I will help you sell the horse or buy them back in the event that they do not fit your expectation when they are grown up.

God Bless.

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