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Lusanthric's progeny

So finally the product of our labours have been born the past month. A year ago we had the last and only opportunity to use KWB Lusanthric (Impendulo Vonk's sire). Lusanthric is a very classy and sleek stallion, that passes refinement on to his progeny without losing out on quality of leg or structure in general.

KWB Lusanthric in showing condition at Nooitie Nationals 2016.

We only had a few mares to put him to; Pramkop Sonlig, Impendulo True Blue, Impendulo Midnight, KWB Emse and Impendulo Sambuca. The Impendulo mares are all by Adup Eno which was a courser stallion but with good leg. The aim was to produce better movers from good framed mares and overall prettier heads and necks.

Unfortunately we lost Sonlig's beautiful leggy colt to a stomach torsion. But we have 4 beautiful foals (two colts and two fillies) to continue Lusanthric's legacy.

Meet our beautiful 2018 foals so far!

3 bays and a buckskin (unfortunately she'll grey out) but we have chrome on two of them that would put plenty show horses to shame! Long legs, pretty heads and ears with plenty of personality - I'd say we have us a good crop from a very under-utilised stallion.

Luckily we have Everard's full brother as one of our stud-stallions!

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