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January/February 2019 NEWS

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

The year started off well but mid January we suffered a monumental loss with the passing of Impendulo Vonk. Hopefully his full brother, Karorado Everard will be able to take up stud duties in a few years time.

Until then we will keep going with the Iberian project and breed Dwasdouw Vlam to some mares again.

Speaking of Iberian project. Our 3 Esclavo daughters are doing brilliantly. Such a pleasure to see them grow and mature. We will be AI'ing 5 mares again this season, so toward the end of 2019 beginning of 2020 there will be some exciting new babies on the ground. May we be as fortunate again that we are spared the grey gene and may we be double lucky to get some buckskins from this year. In the event that colts are born only one will be kept entire and the rest will be gelded and sold to the discerning client. There might be some fillies that come available for sale as well depending on what the breeding dice does.

We only have one horse currently under saddle, afterwhich there is a two year gap before there will be any going horses coming up for sale. Most of our stock have sold unbacked and we thank our clients for their support the past year. This being said we have two unbacked geldings for sale as well as two colts. And depending on what we are blessed with this year breeding wise, two under saddle broodmares will resume the rest of their lives as riding horses.

Showing/competing wise we might need to scale down a bit due to a human baby on the way but there will still be shows/classes running for the Nooities as there have been in the recent past.

May this year be a prosperous and healthy year ahead for all of our supporters, clients, friends and family.

God Bless.

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