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Freemovent Dressage Show 2016

As judged by Rick van Miert, International judge.

First time the two boys went for an outing, first time they were boxed somewhere, first time in a stable in a strange place, first time in an indoor and first time we kicked some imported ass!

Dwasdouw Vlam making his mommy super proud

Dwasdouw Vlam scored 7s and a few 8s during his free movement test and came second in the 5yo class. He also proceeded to have the 4th highest score of the day for the non-WB section of the competition. Vlam beat an imported Appy to get to second place.

Impendulo Vonk winning the 3yo class as well has having the highest scores of the day for the non-warmblood section of the competition.

Vonk not only won the 3yo class, beating an imported Knabstrubber stallion, he also had the highest score of the day. Managing mainly 8s and a 7 for his test, it just made me realise how lucky I am to have these two stallions at Karorado Stud.

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