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March 2014 - Dwasdouw Vlam

Just to get one thing straight, I never wanted a stallion! I was content with using other breeders' stallions. Really I was.... until I saw a picture of this little man. He is not overly tall but to me he is the most typey Nooitgedacht stallion available at the moment. That old world Iberian shape/looks and he is the right colour - nice dependable bay. Seriously though his conformation is balanced, short backed, stronglimbed and has a very neat head without being too feminine.

Dwasdouw Vlam as a 3yo colt.

Okay, so its safe to say it was love at first sight. But the little bugger was last left of the Dwasdouw Stud, Nieuwoudtville, and the reason; they could not load him. He was so surefooted and used to surviving in the desert by himself for the past two years, why would he trust humans. Especially after they trucked off his herd two years before.

Well I decided, he was the stallion I will break my rule for, and dammit if we are travelling 3hours to get there, I'll stay until he can load.

It took me 3 days to get him to halter and sort of lead, luckily for me he was pretty food orientated but as nifty about getting it as a squirrel. Finally he loaded and we had a long trek home.

Vlam at his first show two years later.

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