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January 2018

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

It had to be the driest winter we had had in a couple of years! Our animals are being tested and luckily we can use such natural occurances to identify the horses that are not as thrifty. This is a trait the Nooitgedacht is known for and we are determined to keep on selecting stock that can withstand droughty conditions.

BUT THE EXCITING NEWS IS! our foals sired by Calvero Esclavo FMhas finally been born. KWB Maya foaled down first a day after my birthday and gave birth to a very strong sporty looking bay filly with no white markings. Next up was B. Sanna that also gave birth to a bay filly with no white markings. Third was our surprise foal (vet did not pic the foal up on the second scan) out of B. L Pastel, a black going grey filly. And last but not the least B Lientjie also gave us a bay filly without any white markings.

The eldest is called Karorado Querida (meaning :the darling). The second filly is called Karorado Estrella (meaning: star). The third is called Karorado Chiquita (the little one) and the youngest is called Karorado Donatella (Gift from God). They are all healthy and strong fillies and holds the promise of becoming excellent broodmares themselves one day. With beautiful heads, elegant neck sets, long legs, sloped shoulders, and strong hindquarters; it is nearly impossible to discern any faults.Kudos to the stallion, Calvero Esclavo FM, that stamps his progeny so well.

Now we are awaiting 2018's foals that should start to be born from August onwards. We have covered Emse, True Blue, Lelie, Sambuca, Midnight, Sonlig (last foal) with KWB Lusantrhic. Lusanthric adds impeccable refinement in all the right places. He has enough length of leg and good movement to compliment the chosen mares excellently. We are possibly going to see another foal from Adelheid that gave the very showy Karorado Monet Sky a tour of stallion duties. Adelheid seems to like her boyfriends very young.

We also gelded quite a few colts as well as KWB Lusanthric (per request of his new owner). Thus the foals from KWB Lusanthric will be the last he is to sire. Monet Sky, Spitfire, Elite, Aranos and Thor all are gelded and all healed up.

This year will be the year of the stallions and youngsters, since our freshly backed mares are now doing broodmare duties. Penny, Miemie, Spook and Ariana will start their young horse education. On top of that we would like to start getting Vonk ready for a more competitve career, since he is turning 5 in April. Vlam will be trained to harness hopefully this year.

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