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2018 Foaling Season

Aug/Sept 2018

Foaling season

Blessed with timely rains this season, non are so greatful as us. From the desert it had been last year, the green wheatfields coveres the hills like a plushy blanket.

And with it we had the opportunity to grow beautiful covercrops that the horses are now grazing and had foaled down on.

Speaking of foals, we had some bad luck losing Sonlig's colt, Solsken on day 3 after birth due to a twisted gut. But luckily we have four beautiful foals to show from KWB Lusanthric. KWB Emse gave birth to Vonk's half brother, Karorado Everard. Impendulo True Blue gave birth to a buckskin filly, Karorado Tocara; making Tocara the third generation of the Sanna Bloodline at stud. Impendulo Midnight had a filly we decided to call Karorado Mulan and is she not a feisty little filly. Very excited about Mulan, such an improvement on the Midnight line and very nice and athletic. Finally we had a foal out of Sambuca, she kept us guessing for ages; a long legged colt called, Karorado Paladin. Looks like its the season of the bay because all the foals are bay based.

Finally Adelheid decided to foal down and yes she waited until a double cold front was about to hit. Luckily we anticipated as much and brought her to the stable to foal down. She did not foal down the first night, and not the second day, but the she waited till the wee hours of the third day being stabled. He baked extra long because he is a beautiful strong liver chestnut colt! He should follow Aranos's footsteps and be a nice tall gelding but with much more substance and he is named aptly - Admiral.

God has been good to us during this winter and we are very happy with the subsequent foal crop.

God Bless

Maret Van Rensburg

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